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The time for change

In the wake of Covid-19, this is a once in a generation moment to re-set the way we live and work – will leaders take it or flunk it? Atholl Duncan is an executive coach, consultant and non-executive director, whose mission is to help businesses and individual leaders to transform what they do and how they do it. He is the author of “Leaders in Lockdown” – a clarion call to change our mindset for the benefit of people, the planet and the world of business. Find out more

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Inside stories of Covid-19 and the new world of business

Atholl Duncan


Atholl wrote “Leaders in Lockdown” – the story of 100 days which changed the world of business. It gives a powerful insight into a remarkable moment in history. Through the stories of 27 global business leaders it tells of how they survived the Covid-crisis and reveals how the world will change because of the pandemic.

Executive Coach and Consultant

Atholl works with leaders in the “C Suite” and the emerging next generation to help them maximise their potential. He also helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to re-focus their purpose, values and strategy to be fit for the post Covid-19 world.


Atholl is a popular conference speaker, where he aims to inspire and inform the leadership community around how they need to respond to the existential changes facing the world. He seeks to inspire a movement of change for the benefit of businesses and wider society.

Resetting the Business World

“Leaders in Lockdown” identified seven major themes of change for the future.

  1. The new age of purpose
  2. The new world of work
  3. Tackling inequality
  4. Global cooperation
  5. Resilience
  6. Resetting the supply chain
  7. Maximizing the potential of your people
“With Covid-19, every single long-held belief has been thrown out of the window.”

– Christian Lanng, CEO Tradeshift.

“There is no going back because your competition is going to a better place.”

– General Stan McChrystal.

“We are judged as leaders not on what we are like when the going is good. We are judged as leaders on what we are like when the going is tough.”

– Sir David Behan


Atholl Duncan


Atholl Duncan is an Insead qualified executive coach. He blends his wisdom of having “been there and done it” in a range of board roles with his experience from a decade of coaching CEOs, CFOs and high potential leaders. He is currently Chairman of three organisations – Black Isle Group, UK Coaching and Scottish Salmon, which represents a one billion-pound sector of the UK economy. He is also a former Chairman and non-executive director of the British Horseracing Authority – which runs the UK’s second largest spectator sport – and Audit Chair of a cinema business which runs the Edinburgh Filmhouse, the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen and Edinburgh International Film Festival. Atholl was a senior executive at the BBC for many years. He led the BBC’s coverage of the Lockerbie disaster and the Dunblane shootings. Atholl’s executive education is from Insead, Harvard and Cranfield where he studied leadership, strategy, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, organisational politics, executive coaching and systems psychodynamics. He also specialises in personal brand building, individual impact and presentation skills. He relishes “speaking truth unto power”.

This book offers a comprehensive insight into the positive determination and opportunity that defines leadership in such a situation. The seven themes it highlights are essential understanding for leaders from all sectors in the post-pandemic future.

Lieutenant General Richard Nugee CB CVO CBE  Former Chief of Defence People at the UK Ministry of Defence

Topical and insightful, Atholl Duncan gets under the skin of leaders navigating the most challenging business environment for decades. Essential reading.

Liam Kelly  Enterprise Correspondent, The Sunday Times

This is a call to pause and reset - hopefully to a more inclusive and equitable world in line with planetary boundaries. This book gives hope.

Paul Polman  former CEO of Unilever

Maximising your potential

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